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Support Bracket for the Mass Transit Industry

At ProCIM we were recently contracted to fabricate a luggage support bracket by a customer in the mass transit industry. The support brackets would be installed in passenger rail cars. Our extensive mold making knowledge was leveraged to design a permanent cast mold able to handle the unit’s required A355 aluminum composition. Cimatron CAD software was utilized to design and modify the mold, which was then created with our advanced ZPS CNC machining center. H-13 hotwork die steel, hardened to 55 Rc was employed for mold production.

The machined casting was subjected to polishing and powder coating processes to ensure the molded part would exhibit the specified ultra smooth finish. A thorough inspection for quality and accuracy was carried out, employing visual and dimensional methods including portable Faro arm CMM and various standard instruments. We were able to achieve a tight tolerance of 0.001” on molding surfaces, with a 0.0005” tolerance met on sealing surfaces. The completed mold measured 5" x 15-1/2" x 27-3/4" when closed.

Measurements of the molded bracket were 3-3/8" x 7-5/16" x 19-7/8". Turnaround time for this project was 7 weeks, and this mold can produce 4000 aluminum support brackets annually. For more information about this passenger car luggage support bracket project or our capabilities in custom mold design and dependable precision fabrication please see the table below or contact us directly.

Support Bracket for Mass Transit Industry
Support Bracket for Mass Transit Industry
Contract Fabrication of Support Bracket
Contract Fabrication of Support Bracket
Luggage Support Bracket
Luggage Support Bracket

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Support Bracket for the Mass Transit Industry Project Highlights

Product Name
Passenger Car Luggage Support Bracket
Product Description
Permanent cast mold for a luggage support bracket used in passenger cars (rail)
Manufacturing Process
Mold design (CAD)

Machining of primary mold components
Fitting and assembly of mold
Equipment Used

CNC Machine:
Overall Dimensions
3 3/8" x 7 5/16" x 19 7/8"

Closed Mold:
5" x 15 1/2" x 27 3/4"
Sealing Surfaces:

Molding Surfaces:
Material Used
Part: Aluminum

Mold: H-13 55Rc
Molding Area Finishing
Polishing/texturing as per customer requirements
In process testing/inspection performed
CMM - Portable FARO Arm
Standard measurement instruments
Industry for Use
Mass Transit
Production Volume
4000 pieces/year
Delivery Time
7 weeks

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