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About ProCIM

Headed by Paulo, a Mechanical Engineer, ProCIM started out in 1990 as a consulting company designing molds/dies and CNC programming. In 1998, after heavily investing in both equipment and staff, the company started to grow substantially. Eventually, Inter Molding Solutions was opened in 2004 as a subsidiary company to ProCIM and expanded the business to further include custom rubber compression parts. A well-known company by the name of Wep Tool & Die Ltd. with 40 years of experience was also purchased in 2006 to include the aluminum foundry business. All of these expansions and acquisitions have led to us having over 12,000 square feet of plant and office space spread across the US and Canada.

ProCIM has grown steadily over the years, even through the difficult recession period experienced by the manufacturing sector in 2009-2010. This consistency in managing and growing the business successfully over the past 20 years motivates us further to look forward to a very promising future. We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly about how ProCIM can provide your company with the quality, service and value that our current customers expect from us.

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